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Emerging from the vibrant Stockholm metal scene in 2021, Needle Grey embodies the upcoming edge of modern metal. Formed with the mission to leave an indelible mark on the global metal landscape, the band is known for their dynamic compositions and relentless energy. Their debut EP, "Seasons Past" catapulted them to local prominence, a testament to their compelling music and their recording experience with renowned producer Robert Kukla at Obsidian Recording Studios. The five-piece outfit's distinct sound was further honed with the creation of their first full-length album in 2022, featuring 10 audacious tracks that push the boundaries of their genre. Guitarist Gustav Huovila's departure after "Seasons Past" marked a pivotal moment for Needle Grey. Erik shouldered the guitar duties for the EP beyond the bass, leading to the addition of Amon Mårsen as a new guitarist upon their return from Obsidian. This lineup change unlocked a new level of technical sophistication in their music, bringing them closer to the vision they had for their sound. The band faced another transformative juncture with the departure of drummer Noah Tegidius in late 2022. While his aspirations as a session drummer took him on a different path, Needle Grey welcomed the talented August Rosenqvist (ex-Hands Down). Rosenqvist's arrival marked a fresh chapter in the band's evolution, characterized by a deeper exploration of their musical prowess. Currently, Needle Grey is making waves with their riveting live performances and the release of singles from their album, "To Exist, Beyond Our Words." Each new release not only underscores their commitment to their craft but also their relentless pursuit of redefining the modern metal landscape.

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